Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bob - Butt Plug for the discerning gentleman

The Lelo Bob is a butt plug marketed for the high-end market. Described by the maker as a "gentlemen's pleasure object" it is made of high quality silicone and is very visually appealing.

(I find it very interesting that the stock picture has a cigar next to it. Somehow this makes me think it should be sucked on it.)

How it's made:

The device is made entirely of silicone and is flexible where the base tapers to the ring. The head portion is quite solid, however.

The 1" (approx) ring prevents the device from being sucked entirely into your rectum. Since it is flexible, it also allows you to wear the plug while sitting down.

How it feels:

This plug is different from most other plugs because it starts off a bit large but then tapers off to a very slim neck. The sensation when you first insert it is quite nice. It hits my prostate just right and I didn't have that super-full feeling (I have other toys for that!). Its contour fits my internals quite nicely and it's very comfortable once my body gets used to it.

Another thing I've tried and liked very much is that I can pull on the ring and feel the different sensations as Bob hits my prostate and stretches out other internal muscles. Just make sure it's well-lubricated.

*Don't use silicone lube as it will react with the plug. (I tested it with Wet Platinum and although I didn't notice any issues at first; after a while, a thin white film that looked and felt like silicone started to develop. I didn't know if that was the lube itself or the plug, but it was very difficult to wash off.) I like the Probe Rich and Thick lube for this purpose, even though it's a bit sticky and messy.

I have not tried wearing this during intercourse, but I can't imagine it popping out like some other plugs. I've worn it around town and it stays in quite well. I've also driven with it inserted and if you sit just right, the ring bends and transmits some very nice sensations as your car goes over the bumps that are very common here in L.A.

It's not the most comfortable plug for long-term wear (My favorite is Njoy Plug) but I've worn it to sleep once and did not have any discomforts in the morning.


  • Looks great
  • Made of high quality material
  • Feels great
  • Comfortable for medium to long-term wear

  • Not the most comfortable when sitting down
  • Can't be used with silicone lubricants
  • Doesn't offer the "full feeling"
Buy this and other silicone toys approved by me!

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